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Fresh Water, Schools, and Healthcare
Our efforts to provide clean, safe water to families and communities continues. Over forty fresh water wells have been installed, supported by funds provided through The Plymouth Church in Framingham. This effort not only reduces water borne illness, but relieves much of the time required for women and young girls to carry water. This allows them more time to attend schools and assume other productive roles in their communities. Our efforts to build a kindergarten and primary school and support school programs has paid many dividends and this continues as a strong focus of our work. Our most recent endeavor involves  helping improve the healthcare services provided by the Pommern Dispensary.

The Pommern Village Mission House, constructed in 1906, after the April 2016 fire.

Fire Destroys One Wing Mission House 
While, thankfully, no one was injured, the Pommern Village Mission house, a Victorian structure built in 1906, was seriously damaged by fire on April 18, 2016. The structure, comprised of two wings, saw the more recently updated wing totally destroyed by the fire. This building has served as the principal locale for lodging visitors, including Global Volunteers, the non-profit volunteer organization working in Pommern for many years. Estimates for rebuilding are under way. The Africa Exchange Project is organizing fundraising to help rebuild. Donations are very much appreciated.

Aisha with her grandmother

Aisha with her grandmother

Children’s Ministries Sponsors Aisha
When our AEP group traveled on a mission trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2015, they learned about a program to help homeless and disadvantaged children called the Compassion Program. One of the churches sponsoring children through this program is the Kihesa Lutheran Church in Iringa, Tanzania led by Pastor Himidi Sagga, former District Pastor in Pommern. Working together with leaders from that program, our Children’s Ministries Council is sponsoring an 11-year old girl named Aisha. Offerings are collected on a biweekly basis to help provide food, clothing, school supplies, and healthcare. For more information, contact Rev. Will Tanner, Minister of Family Life.

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The 2012 Massachusetts Conference Haystack Award
The Africa Exchange Project is honored and humbled to receive the recognition of the Conference's Haystack Award. Read more about it here.