Week 5

Waking Up White Book Study
Week Five — 25 Years of Tossing and Turning
Tuesday, March 21 | Thursday, March 23

Session Goals
Consider how our status may affect our desire/comfort to spend time with people in diverse groups.

Book Chapters
Chapter 21 “Straddling Two Worlds”
Chapter 22 “Why Do I Always End Up With White People?”
Chapter 23 “Diversity Training”
Chapter 24 “Everyone Is Different; Everyone Belongs”
Chapter 25 “Belonging”
Chapter 28 “I Am the Elephant”

1 Corinthians 12:14-26

Additional Content (optional)
The 5 things White People Should Do to Improve Race” Tim Wise on CNN (YouTube)

Discussion Questions
Have you tried to form relationships across racial lines? If so were you successful? If not, what held you back?
Why is it important for all of us to become culturally aware and coach others to take this responsibility?