Week 6

Waking Up White Book Study
Week Six — Leaving My Comfort Zone
Tuesday, March 28 | Thursday, March 30

Session Goals
Review conversational ground rules around difficult topics.
Listen more intentionally to the stories of people of color.

Book Chapters
Chapter 29 “Intent and Impact”
Chapter 30 “Feelings and the Culture of Niceness”
Chapter 31 “Courageous Conversations”
Chapter 32 “Getting Over Myself”
Chapter 33 “Perception and Fear”

Matthew 18:15-20

Additional Content (optional)
Kids Speak Their Minds About Race” CNN (YouTube)

Discussion Questions
Do you agree with these guidelines for discussing difficult topics? What makes following these difficult?
How might the instructions provided in Matthew interact with these guidelines?
How can white people prepare to listen, without judgment, to the experiences of people with color? Why is it important for them to do so?