Week 7

Waking Up White Book Study
Week Seven — Inner Work and Outer Work
Tuesday, April 4 | Thursday, April 6

Session Goals
To identify our next steps in understanding systematic racism in relationships to our shared Christian values.

Book Chapters
Chapter 34 “Becoming Multicultural”
Chapter 36 “The Dominant White Culture”
Chapter 39 “Equality Starts With Equity”
Chapter 41 “From Bystander to Ally”
Chapter 42 “Solidarity and Accountability”
Chapter 44 “Listening”

Deuteronomy 10:12-22

Additional Content (optional)
Moving The Race Conversation Forward,” raceforward.org (YouTube)

Discussion Questions
Define and differentiate: a multicultural approach vs. a “melting pot.”
Define and differentiate: “equality” and “equity.”
How do these ideas connect with Christian values?
How do we move from being a bystander to an ally?