A “klatch” is a social gathering, especially for coffee and conversation. Starting September, 2019, every member of the church will be part of a “coffee klatch.” These small groups will not only prepare coffee and tea, they will have the opportunity to get to build community. 

Each group is assigned a month during which they are asked to prepare Coffee Hour after worship. Scroll down to find detailed instructions on how to brew the coffee and tea. Klatches are encouraged to get creative!

This is about more than coffee alone. You can build friendships with your teammates while you work. Serving coffee is also a great way to meet others in the church as you prepare coffee, tea, and the occasional snack.

Team Leaders
Each klatch will have a Team Leader (or two) to help bring some order to the group. We ask that you communicate with us and your team leader if you have any other questions. If you are unable to participate be sure to talk to your klatch leader!


And yes, this is also absolutely a
not-so-subtle way of getting some of you to church more regularly so we can see your beautiful faces!
Maybe this could be the gentle nudge
you were looking for to get back into church?


It’s OK to have questions!
We’ve never done this before!
We have tried to anticipate some
of your questions and contemplations.
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Questions & Answers
Klatch Rosters
Coffee Instructions
Initial Letter to the Church

Upcoming Events
Rally Sunday
September 8, 2019
Meet your klatch-mates after worship during the all-church picnic! Wear your team color and bring your calendar!